The Creative Art Works Team

Creative Art Works offers a unique combination of creative, professional and organisational skills with experience that ranges across the commercial, financial, artistic and not for profit sectors.

Our aims are to:

  • Use art and drama to facilitate creativity and expression in others, using artistic engagement as a tool for analysis, discovery and learning.
  • Help corporate and third sector organisations make informed decisions through a creative use of market research, concept development and project management.
  • Plan, create and deliver projects, programmes and events that engage with all sections of society including hard to reach and minority groups.
  • Promote, record and report using the written word, the visual arts, print, photography, design and the web.

We work with public, private and third sector organisations and strive to provide everyone with access to our services. Whilst we offer cost effective solutions to all our clients we are committed to directing any profit we generate towards supporting our work with groups engaged in social and educational projects.

Creative Art Works has particular interest in projects which promote sustainability, maximise social capital and engage with hard to reach and out of reach social groups. We believe in creating benefit beyond the immediate project remit and, when possible and appropriate, we will offer work and development opportunities to people looking for employment.

We collaborate with a wide range of partners – including Creative Arts specialists, Teachers, Exhibition Organisers, Educationalists and both Private/Public Sector, involving many professions including the Police, Social Workers, Councillors, Scientists, Environmentalists, Architects, and designers. This has involved work with adults, young people and children of all ages, including those from hard to reach groups, disadvantaged backgrounds and some with additional support needs. Much of the work we do is issue-based with many changing themes, often with an inter-cultural or outdoor focus. Whatever the subject, our aim is always to make learning engaging, meaningful and fun.

Joanna Boyce

Joanna paints murals, canvases and scenic design, she also creates small and large three dimensional objects often made from wood, resin and/or paper-mache. Her artwork is inspired by the big and small things that catch her attention “things that delight, excite, amuse and move me, the people I meet; stories I hear; scenes I encounter; my travels; the diverse communities within which I work; and the patterns of nature”.

  • Art Projects
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Audience development
  • Creative Consultation
  • Environmental education
  • Community engagement
  • Festival and event design and delivery
  • Education packs

Joanna commercial artwork includes themed murals, devised and illustrated educational materials. As part of her work she also facilitates issue-based creative art projects, often with an intercultural/environmental/educational dimension. Joanna also works as a freelance Art/Object Handling Technician with clients that have included National Museum of Scotland, National Galleries of Scotland and the Tate Gallery – London.

“Working  Lindsay has definitely added an extra (and enjoyable) dimension to my work. Between us we have the creative skills, technical knowledge and practical experience to deliver something that is much greater than the sum of the parts.  For example in addition to fulfilling the artistic and engagement element of the project together we can also  consult, plan, record,  report and deliver in a way that adds value and depth and helps our clients achieve their wider goals and, targets and strategies. We all contribute to the creative process but by playing to our individual strengths  I am free to concentrate of the areas of the work that I really love. “

Much of Joanna’s community arts practice focuses on projects that promote active dialogue and better understanding between diverse cultural and social groups. she sees enjoyment of art and nature as a great way of opening dialogue and making connections. Her inspiration and approach has always been based on the principles of empowerment, collaboration, and creative group dynamics. Joanna creates a learning environment in which both the student and teacher are drawn into a compelling sense of adventure, possibility and discovery.

“I value diversity in people, society, cultures, and nature. This awareness and commitment has been a key driving force not only in my involvement in social art projects but also in the themes and messages contained in my personal art works.”

You can see of more Joanna’s work at

Lindsay Snedden

Lindsay’s background is in graphic design, photography.  He is visually literate with strong design and communication skills that include; 

  • Professional photography
  • Graphic design
  • Design for Print
  • Identity
  • Infographics
  • Exhibition Design
  • Website design
  • Infographics
  • Event design and management

Lindsay has this to say about Creative Art Works;

“I had worked with Joanna  in the past and there seemed to an obvious synergy to our business and creative activities. In addition we both wanted to to contribute to something with a definite social agenda so it seemed like an obvious next step to form Creative Art Works CIC and to date it has been very successful. We have proved to be a really strong team. I particularly value our close working relationship and the opportunities that this has presented to contribute to a creative process whilst working towards something of real social value”

Lindsay is also the Creative Director of Lunaria Ltd. an Edinburgh based Design company and a Member of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography).

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